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The last financial year was a time of growth for Communicare Finland Oy!

During the last financial year company`s turnover grew 25% up to 3,6€ milj.  Compared to the industry this development was significant. Company also grew it’s production capacity with two new offices, which were opened to Forssa and Loimaa during 2017.

Communicare has total of eleven (11) production sites today and staff volume topped 200 employees the first time in November 2017. Also the company's clientbase has been steadily growing as existing clients are buying more and more services and new clients are steadily coming in. Especially the customer service and switchboard services has grew a lot.

The head of sales and production of Communicare Finland, Mr. Tom Lindroos summarises the succesfull year: “We’ve done and keep on doing hard customer- and staff-oriented every day. Our clients get high quality services and results from us and the important sales contacts for our clients are done by our highly motivated sales professionals, who receive continues quality- and sales training through our CMT- system (Communicare Monitoring and training system). The end results from all this has been that we have high constancy among our clients and sales staff. Based on the new financial that just started it seems the our growth will continue also during this year."


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